Welcome to AZ Leg Live!

We created this website because we noticed it was hard for us to find relevant information about our state legislators when trying to vote—we couldn’t even find voting records for our current representatives.

How hard are my legislators working for me? Do they care about the issues I care about? How effective are they at doing their jobs? These are subjective questions, and individual voters have different sets of metrics that they would use to answer them. We hope to provide you with enough relevant, objective data so that you can answer these questions for yourselves, especially when elections come around.

If you want us to make any new visualizations or obtain any data that we’re not currently displaying, let us know using the feedback box below! In a similar vein, let us know if you think there’s something we could be doing better with the data we’re already providing. We want this website to be as useful as possible for you, the voter. Thanks!

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